Seeyousound - International Music Film Festival
I Viaggi Di Roby


Data di Uscita: 04/01/2021
Autore: Giorgio Giampà
Etichetta: Sony
Numero Tracce: 20
Titoli Tracce:
1. New Kind (Gyda Valtısdottir)
2. Ouverture
3. Arrival of the Guest
4. The Guestroom
5. Trip to Japan
6. Something is Wrong
7. In the Little House
8. Couples Therapy
9. Noises from Below
10. Not a Quiet Place
11. So You Have to Die
12. What Happened, It Will Be Terrible
13. I Should Be Dead
14. An Amable Conversation I
15. What's the Name of Your Son?
16. An Amable Conversation II
17. Mother, Where Are You?
18. An Amable Conversation III
19. Lunch Break
20. What Happened, It Will Be Terrible II