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I Viaggi Di Roby

COLONNA SONORA di Mio Fratello Rincorre i Dinosauri

Data di Uscita: 07/08/2020
Autore: Lucas Vidal
Etichetta: Warner Chappell Music Italiana
Numero Tracce: 28
Titoli Tracce:
1. Family on Road
2. Overflowing Excitement
3. What Is in There
4. A New Family Member
5. Your Brother Is a Super Down
6. A Short Stop
7. Family's Dinner
8. Dino in the Toilet
9. Connecting the Dots
10. He's Not a Superhero
11. Change the World
12. In the Museum
13. Recovering the Balloon
14. New Look
15. Going Back from School Alone
16. My Brother Is Dead
17. Couldn't Get the Design
18. Getting Ready for the Driving Test
19. Driving Test
20. The Music Room
21. Prevent at All Costs
22. Some Bad News
23. Jack's Speech
24. Let Me Explain
25. Parade of Dishonor
26. I'm Sorry
27. Hello, I Am Gio and Now We're Friends
28. Like Old Times